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Voice Over Training Courses with Rod Lucas in Kent UK, specialises in training and coaching new voice over talent face to face and online. All voice training is 1 to 1 to create a professional sounding voice over showreel to market and promote your voice for adverts and other media voice projects. Get personally voice trained by National BBC presenter and commercial producer Rod Lucas with 40 years professional BBC and Commercial radio/TV experience. Try an online Voice Over Assessment for 1 hour before booking a full course - see below. To book a Voice Over Course e mail here or call.



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Our voice over training is ideal for career changers and those who wish to make money from their voice full or part time. Read and listen to what people say about our voice-over training and see why we're the best in the UK and why people recommend voice guru Rod Lucas. Call for a chat with voice over guru Rod Lucas. Read more about Rod on this page. Real People get real voice jobs with our training see below for action.

Rod's Voice Over Training Courses & Voice Showreels are ideal for people of all ages who want to make a career change, full or part time. Whatever the economical environment, good voice over artists will always be in demand. Remember when booking a voice over course, always make sure you hear the company's voice showreel examples. Not all voice over training companies are happy to do so. However you can hear a full range of voice over showreels from people we've trained on voice-over-courses.com.

If you want to make a booking please remember that Rod needs to talk to you first - no exceptions. Someone very wise once said "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach!" Not wishing to fall into the pit of only 'teaching' and not 'doing' Rod remains very active in the voicing, producing, and jingles market. Consequently he can produce, at most, only 1 client a per week. Places are limited.


If you'd like to see if you're cut out for voice overs, you may wish to have an appraisal of your voice with a 1 hour 'personal 1 to 1 telephone or online evaluation assessment' £120 no vat - go here

Have a listen to part of an actual telephone Voice Over Assessment featuring Judi Pennington from North Yorkshire. Judi spoke to Voice Trainer Rod Lucas about his voice over assessment. This is an mp3 audio file click here to listen. More on voice assessments here.


Check out Rod Lucas's Voice Over Courses right. We speak to the occasional voice over learner for their honest views of Rod's voice courses.

All videos are shoot without any editing and they speak for themselves.



Meet Marion Castle who came to Rod Lucas for a 1 to 1 Voice Over Course. In this video she talks about her personal voice training. Recommended booking.

Marion has a real passion for reading all kinds of scripting and since recording this video has had major National successes with different contracts including Cherry Hill Publishing and Story reads for Audible.com

Listen to part of Marion's showreel


Real people talking about their voice over training with Rod Lucas


Cheryl Dalton professional Chiropodist talking to Rod Lucas about her recent Voice Over Course with him.
Cheryl's Demo MP3

Rod Lucas says "Cheryl has a super natural feel & sound for voicing and I'm using her jingle on my BSJ radio show, and you don't get on my show unless you're good. Real talent all in 2 days". Well done Cheryl :)


We're delighted to say that Rod Lucas voice trainees go on to get real paid voice over work. See Rod Lucas's track record below :)

Look at just some of Rods recent successes       

Feb 2014: David Jay voices for BT Sports.  Kerry Noble voice commercial and jingles for Groove FM. Roy King Tourist Information Hong Kong.
2014: Judith Cann voice radio commercial Weald Radio. Karen Owen 'In Home TV' video health narration 2nd session

November 2013: Marion Castle signs another book reading contract for Cherry Hill Publishers USA (Persuasion )following Sense & Sensibility. Sept 2013: Gillian Tay Aston Pub promos. June 2013: Marion Castle Tourist guide read Germay. Robin Baskell Voice clips for SGR FM. April 2013: Kim Rush SGR.FM, Lousia Peacock, LBC Resonance FM. Guy Jones BBC local radio promos. March 2013: Marion Castle Commercials for Germany. Muhammad Omar, Asia FM voice tracks.Jan 2013: Claire Bushell BBC Voice Over, Geoff Green for Talking Books.


A 1 day voice-over training course is £250 (no vat charged).
2 day courses are recommended for new voice-over beginners charged at £500 (no vat charged). An overnight stay in local country guest house or hotel can be easily arranged.†
Call to discuss your needs.


So what's your voice:) Tell Rod Lucas


Lush, Creamy, Sweet & Sexy ?

Brisk & Bright ?

 Powerful, Tough & Hard ?



Voice over showreels & demos are essential for all voice over artists to market themselves to advertising agencies, production companies, TV, Radio & other media. You can also now do a Voice Over Course Online from your home which will include recording your voice over showreel. See voice-over training online.








Listen to voice coach Rod Lucas on our voice training.

Although the rewards for using your voice in commercials and voice productions can be very lucrative, the competition is tough. However there's always room for new voices to the scene and production companies are always looking for the next fresh voice over. We'll see you get the best voice-over training in the UK today, with on going help guidance and advice.

The only effective way of displaying your vocal talents is through a voice-over showreel demo. That's where we come in, we'll direct and train you and record a professional sounding showreel demo. We run voice over training and coaching at all levels. We also offer voice over training sessions online.

If you feel you've got what it takes to become a voice over artist and your friends and work colleagues have often said to you "you should be doing TV adverts and voice-overs", then maybe they're right and you should be doing something about getting into voice-overs. Our voice over training is second to none.

Learn how to be a TV Continuity Announcer on our TV Announcing Course. Find out how
to be the person introducing the programmes for the many new TV channels coming online.
Learn how to talk to time, write simple but effective scripts for TV, voice & write promos.
£250 no vat.




(since recording this video with Rod, Judi has had super success with a contract for a major classic story read)

"The two day voice over training course I did with Rod was hugely enjoyable.  I came away exhausted at the end of the each day; my head buzzing with all the possibilities I could see before me, and my body exhausted after having tested my vocal abilities to the max.
Rodís relaxed and friendly approach means I felt at total ease and was able to embrace everything he threw at me.  Because the course is one to one, there is none of the intimidation that can sometimes be felt in group sessions.   This was really important as it meant I got 100% from Rod and I gave 100% back.
Rods wealth of knowledge really shows.  He knows just how to guide and direct, as well as stretching you when needed, getting the very best out of you in the process. This is no exercise in flattery; you have to earn your stripes!
I am so glad I did this course, it has already opened up a whole new future for me in voice over and radio work, and I am very excited about the future. Thanks Rod".

Gabrielle Baker (Kent)

  "I had no idea what to expect when I turned up for my 1-2-1 dayís voiceover session. It was a fantastic experience and Rod provided me with a solid, honest and detailed appraisal of my voice and what styles of reading my voice would suit. I really enjoyed trying out the scripts Rod had prepared and the professional coaching he gave me has left me filled with enthusiasm and tips I wonít ever forget. Rodís coaching provides great value for money as I simply canít believe you would get the same attention and focus in a group session as you do with Rod. Thanks a million!Ē
Emma Gilbert Harris (London)

Rod Lucas is a Sony Radio Academy Award Winner for his production skills

Everyone who takes our voice over training course & records a voice showreel, is offered a discounted personal website. This will enable you to point potential voice over bookers to your voice over showreel demo for selling your sound. Anyone can then listen to your voice showreel demo online. This is a fantastic way of marketing your voice over presenting skills free. We also design personal voice-over websites for clients.

Look at a voice over website we created for popular female voice over client Marion Castle, she was offered voice over work within 6 weeks of her website going 'live'. See it here

Click here and see what you get when you book a voice over training course & showreel with voice coach and trainer Rod Lucas.

All voice-over training courses & coaching are conducted by Rod Lucas with over 40 years broadcast experience in BBC Radio & TV also commercial sectors including, advertising agencies (WPP) & indie production houses supplying BBC, ITV & SKY. Rod's also a jingle commercials producer & Talks producer/director.

Rod has extensive BBC Radio Drama production experience too (BBC Radio 4 Talks and BBC World Service). Rod Lucas's Voice Over Coaching is ideal for people of all ages who want to make a career change full or part time.  Call about a voice over training course. He presents 2 weekly National radio shows syndicated on 129 FM stations and SKY TV (Solar 0129) and runs 4 radio stations.
See Rod's website here.


Sony Academy Award winner Rod Lucas
Follow Rod Lucas on Twitter

  All our voice over training courses are 1 to 1. Everything done at your pace. You'll also receive lots of info on how the voice over industry works, what not to do and what you must do in order to promote yourself, also where to find work in the world of voice over production. We offer total voice over tuition in the UK. Plus we provide on going help, guidance and advice on marketing your voice over skills and voice showreel after you've completed your voice course. All part of our commitment to all who attend our voice over training courses. E mail or call Rod Lucas to move things on and find out if you've got it !




We aim to complete all voice over training courses with a voice over demo/showreel CD for marketing your skills. You'll also receive a personal detailed course report. Should you require a website where people can hear your demo, we can arrange this too. For those new to voice overs, we recommend a 2 day course.

All our voice-over training courses are conducted in a light, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in a non intimidating studio lounge with easy chairs and studio work area. Plenty of bottled water, tea, coffee and quality pasta dishes or sandwiches provided. Lunch is included in all courses.

Remember being a voice over artist is a trade that attracts all kinds of people. A large proportion of voice over artists are trained actors, but it is by no means a requirement. A pleasant voice, versatility and the ability to understand direction from a producer and respond accordingly are the most important requirements.

Voice-overs can open up a world full of possibilities. From radio adverts to television documentaries, from CD ROMs to computer games, from cartoons to telephone on-hold services. The list is virtually endless.

That's not to say that, should you choose to be a voice-over artist, you are guaranteed a huge income and a showbiz lifestyle. It is the same as any other performing art, some people are hugely successful and others are not. 



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