Voice Over Courses

1 to 1 Face to Face & Online, Voice Over Training Courses, Kent England

Voice-Over Training Courses - based in Kent UK

We run voice over training courses and coaching at all levels, from newcomers to experienced voices wanting to record a fresh new showreel demo.

All Rod Lucas's voice over training is designed around your own needs and requirements. We work hard on how best to develop your voice skills.

Voice Over Courses provide week day and weekend voice-over training courses and tuition. All courses begin at 9.45am finishing at 2pm. We operate in a professional and relaxed atmosphere and because we offer 1 to 1 voice over training and recording, our voice courses are set at your pace only and not that of a whole class.

2 day voice over training courses are recommended for beginners which includes your own voice over showreel directed by Personal Voice Trainer Rod Lucas. Not all students can complete a voice over showreel in 1 day. We don't rush the process. We want you to be comfortable and under no pressure. We provide simply the best 1 to 1 voice over training in the UK.

Accommodation while on Voice Training

We have recommended local hotels and Guest House for you to stay in when seeing us for a course. We handle all transport to our studios and you'll be picked up from railway station if required.

Online Voice Over Training

You can now take advantage of doing a 1 to 1 Voice Over Course online, includes recording a Voice Showreel. You can learn Voice-Overs with Rod Lucas in a 1 or 2 day course (no vat to pay). We use Skype and other digital free lines for you to learn at home anywhere in the world.

Newcomers are recommended to learn over 2 days. Call or Email for more info

When you compare the cost and the quality of our services to any other voice over training, other voice over studios can't or won't even try to match us. We invest more time, technology, equipment and personalized care in our students than any other studio to date and at no time is anyone treated like a number. Our voice over coaching is intense, thorough and high-resolution and covers everything you'll need to begin and continue your pursuit of the competitive and lucrative career of a voice over artist/actor.

We'll teach you:

Like to see if you're cut out for voice-overs?

You may want to have a voice over appraisal of your voice with a personal 1 to 1 telephone evaluation assessment £150 Go here You'll get a straight honest voice assessment with voice coach Rod Lucas.

One can't learn all there is to know about voice overs in a 1 or 2 day voice over course, even established voice over artists with years of experience are still learning. Requirements in the world of voice overs change, styles and trends also vary much like fashions. However with our voice over training courses you'll not only have a great time, you'll make the first step into the world of voice overs. We'll produce your voice over showreel demo with music and effects, professionally produced and edited for marketing your vocal talents to the media world.

All our face to face voice-over training courses are conducted in a light, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere with easy chairs and studio. This allows us to demonstrate techniques and styles in a non-intimidating environment. Plenty of bottled water, tea, coffee and refreshments provided. While we endeavour to end 1 day courses with a completed demo ready for post production and editing, some beginners don't always find this possible to complete in a single day. 2 days recommended for beginners.

Our voice over courses and training are 1 to 1. Everything done at your pace. You'll also receive lots of info on how the voice over industry works, what not to do and what you must do in order to promote yourself, also where to find work in the world of voice over production. Our commitment to you is to ensure you make the most of your voice talents. We'll also show you a mini voice over set up you can create at home.

Hear what Rod Lucas has to say about voice over training

Drea King

Listen to Drea King's voice over showreel demo. Drea's an American living in the UK and wanted to seriously move into the voice over world. Her voice showreel was recorded and produced by Rod Lucas.

Listen to Drea King's showreel here

As a gift idea ask someone to treat you to a Personal Voice Over Training Course. A voice over course would make a surprise present to someone close.

Listen to Francesca Hansen's voice-over showreel demo. Francesca's show reel was recorded & directed by Rod Lucas. Francesca had never done a voice-over before coming to see voice over courses.com.
Rod Lucas says "Fran is an excellent voice artist and very versatile. A recommended booking."

Francesca Hansen